Essential Japanese Sauces

Japanese cuisine and ingredients continues to grow in popularity; both on a global level and in South Africa. We are moving past the traditional soy sauce and onto exciting unique flavours from Japan. Innovative styles of cooking are trending by fusing cultures to create amazing new tastes and ultimately enhancing peoples’ culinary experience. If you […]

What is next for Wasabi?

The sushi culture hit South Africa by storm just less than a decade ago and with it, came along the wasabi experience. For those who have eaten sushi, you should know this sensation well. As we grow to love this flavour and experience, we have seen more uses of wasabi in other creations all over […]


Suree Sriracha sauce has really taken off in South Africa, finding many new fans. The popular hot sauce has found its way into many local eateries both as a kitchen item for marinades, sauces, salads and sushi (try spicy tuna rolls). As well an on-table sauce suitable for burger joints and Mexican restaurants. It’s a […]


What’s the fuss? Ramen noodles are something new to the SA food scene, and there are number of eateries popping up that serve these soup noodles. The key to good ramen is the pairing of the noodles to the broth as well as the flavor of the broth itself and the toppings used to complete […]