Essential Japanese Sauces

Japanese cuisine and ingredients continues to grow in popularity; both on a global level and in South Africa.

We are moving past the traditional soy sauce and onto exciting unique flavours from Japan. Innovative styles of cooking are trending by fusing cultures to create amazing new tastes and ultimately enhancing peoples’ culinary experience.

If you are a chef, a restaurant owner or just a foodie, here are essential Japanese seasoning sauces or condiments which you must try:

Tonkatsu sauce, Ajipon ponzu sauce, Yakiniku sauce, Mirin seasoning, Thick teriyaki sauce

Tonkatsu sauce, Ajipon ponzu sauce, Yakiniku sauce, Mirin seasoning, Thick teriyaki sauce

• Tonkatsu sauce
• AJIPON ponzu sauce
• Yakiniku sauce
• Mirin seasoning
• Teriyaki sauce

Each Japanese sauce holds a unique flavour profile and can be used in any cooking style. You will also notice that most Japanese sauces have been named after a method of cooking.

We have provided you with some basic explanations of each sauce and will leave you to explore the flavours of these sauces:

Tonkatsu sauce

Tonkatsu is actually a traditional dish of a deep fried, bread-crusted pork cutlet served on a bed of shredded cabbage. This thick Japanese-styled sauce accompanies this dish to give a comforting culinary experience. Use the Tonkatsu sauce on any deep fried foods as a condiment or add into seasoning sauces and curries to give an extra depth of flavour. Tonkatsu sauce can be known as the Japanese version of Worcester sauce.

Available in: 1.8 L bottle

AJIPON ponzu sauce

Mizkan’s AJIPON ponzu sauce is the leading ponzu sauce in Japan.
Ponzu is a traditional Japanese condiment made with a citrus fruit. It is a tangy soy-based sauce. An interesting fact is that this unique flavor was inspired by the Dutch settlement in the 1700s. This sauce is low in sodium and is a great substitute for soy sauce.
AJIPON Ponzu is versatile and can be used as a seasoning sauce or a dipping sauce. It is delicious on seafood, steak, dim sum and sushi.
Available in: 1.8 L bottle

Yakiniku sauce

Yakiniku means grilled meat (unmarinated) in Japanese and the traditional dipping sauce for the meat is simply called Yakiniku sauce. This style of barbequing meat (or vegatebles) brings out the natural flavours. Yakiniku sauce is low in viscosity unlike the thick Tonkatsu sauce. With a slight coat of Yakiniku sauce on the meat or vegetable, the flavours are elevated and tastes delicious. It is perfect for any meat or vegetable.

Most Yakuniku contains the following mix: Japanese soy sauce with cooking sake, mirin, sugar, garlic, fruit juice and sesame. Creative cooks can further explore different flavours by adding miso paste or chilli.
Available in: 1.6 L bottle

Mirin seasoning

Mirin plays an essential part in Japanese cooking and sauce creations. This is a must-have if you want to add and bring out new and delicious flavours in your dishes.

Mirin is a sweet rice wine that combines well with saltier sauces such as soy sauce to create balanced sauces or marinades. This seasoning sauce is versatile can be used to on any types of dishes (grilled meat/fish to stir-fried vegetables)
Available in: 500ml and 1.8 L bottle

Teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki is another form of Japanese cooking where foods are grilled and then glazed with a sauce to finish off. Teriyaki sauce is a sweet flavoured soy-based sauce including mirin and sugar. This sauce is perfect on fish and meats or uplifts any simple stir-fried dishes.
Available in: 250 ml bottle and 18 L can